Ingredients for Easy Vegan No-Chop Dumplings -Budget-Friendly, Easy to Make

Crumble 14-ounce extra-firm tofu

Cook tofu until golden brown. Add fresh basil and seasonings.

Easy foolproof dumpling folding using two rice paper sheets.

Pan-fry until crispy on both sides. Or enjoy oil-free once wrapped.

Serve with  Spicy Dipping Sauce.

Ingredients for  Crispy Tofu

Cut 14-ounce extra-firm tofu into rectangles

Coat tofu in breading. Pan-fry until crispy.

Make dressing. Ingredients for  Chipotle Dressing.

Serve with skillet corn.  Swipe up for recipe.

Healthy Ingredients for Soy Curls

Soak Soy Curls in water 10 minutes. Drain.

Toss soy curls with sesame oil. Bake 450ºF 15 minutes.

Make the Peanut Sauce. Heat sauce & add soy curls to skillet.

Serve with Garlicky Broccoli. Full Recipe: