9-Versatile Ingredients

Salt the tomatoes. Let sit 15 minutes over a bowl to release juices. Salt highlights the sweetness of tomatoes and makes them stand out among the fresh herbs and lime juice. It also draws out their natural juice.

Chop the pistachios, but not too fine or they will be powdery and not add texture to the salad. You can substitute the pistachios for a different nut or seed of your choice. Omit for nut-free.

Make the dressing: Transfer the tomato juice to a large bowl. Add olive oil, grain mustard, lemon juice, salt & pepper.

Add the chickpeas, avocado, artichoke hearts, basil, mint, tomatoes, and pistachios to the bowl.

Chickpeas & pistachios add protein to this vegan salad.

Mix well to combine the fresh herbs, dressing and all the other ingredients.

This high-protein tomato, basil and artichoke salad with chickpeas is a complete meal.